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Monday, 22 January 2018

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“N.S. Margaris” award

The general assembly of the Hellenic Ecological Society (Mytilene, 11 October 2014) decided to establish the “N.S. Margaris” Prize dedicated to the memory of N.S. Margaris for his pioneering work in the field of Ecology. The prize is awarded to PhD students of Greek Universities, who present results of their research with an outstanding contribution at a HELECOS conference.

To be eligible for the prize, PhD students should present an oral contribution, of which they are first author. At each HELECOS conference, a three-member Evaluation Committee is appointed by the Board of HELECOS after taking into consideration the views of the conference organizers. The Committee chooses the winner on the basis of a set of predefined criteria that take into account the candidate’s performance on the following:

  • (i) theoretical background of the research (15%),
  • (ii) methodology and data analysis (20%),
  • (iii) results, discussion and conclusions (25%),
  • (iv) presentation (20%),
  • (v) response to questions (20%).


2016 Award
Sunday, 06 November 2016 22:54

Anna Mastrogianni

Title: Ecology, distribution and genetic diversity of the relict species Aesculus hippocastanum in Greece
Authors: A. Mastrogianni, A.D. Drouzas, A.C. Papageorgiou, A. Tsiroukis, I. Tsiripidis
Conference: 8th Panhellenic Congress of Ecology (Thessaloniki, 20-23 October 2016)
Evaluating Committee: S. Giokas, M. Argyropoulou, E. Levizou

2014 Award
Monday, 02 March 2015 14:06

Emmanuella Karameta

Title: Morphological differentiation of characters of the hardun’s (Stellagama stellio) head: the influence of the environment.
Authors: Emmanuella Karameta, Spyros Sfenthourakis, Antony Herrel, Panagiotis Pafilis.
Conference: 7th Panhellenic Congress of Ecology (Mytilene, 9-12 October 2014).
Evaluating Committee: J. Pantis, M. Arianoutsou, P.G. Dimitrakopoulos


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