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Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme in Hungary
Friday, 05 April 2013 06:08

The HungarianAcademy of Sciences invites scientists for a Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme in Hungary


The HungarianAcademy of Sciences (hereinafter MTA) extends invitations to scientists to participate in the MTA Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme in Hungary. The fellowship is allocated to research groups of MTA at the institutes or research centres of the HungarianAcademy of Sciences or assorted Hungarian universities. All fields of science (natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences and humanities) are included in this programme.



The approximately 50 post-doctoral fellowships provided by MTA as funder for a 24-month-period apiece can go to researchers whoshould possess a scientific degree (PhD, DLA or equivalent) obtained in 2010 or later, with a record of previous research in the respective field. By the beginning of the scholarship applicants should be younger than 35 years. Applicants will be able to start their research fellowship in September 2013. Also, they are obliged to apply to the European Research Council (ERC) for a scientific project that should be completed in Hungary prior to the end of their fellowship.

At the time of the submission, the postdoctoral candidate must possess the final adjudication of his/her University's Doctoral Council. The doctoral degree must be dated between 1 January, 2010 through 30 June, 2013.

The postdoctoral fellowship is a full time employment upon contract at one of the research institutes or research centres of the MTA, or in the case of university research groups at the Office of Academy-supported Research Groups Affiliated with Universities and Other Institutions of MTA (MTA-TKI). The postdoctoral fellowship full time employment conditions are regulated by the Hungarian law, i.e. 156/1997. (IX. 19.)Korm.rendelet.

Applications must be prepared together with the postdoctoral scientist candidate and the leaders of research groups (hereinafter host PI researchers), working either at research institutions of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences or Hungarian universities, addressed to the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The applications are to be submitted by the PI researcher to the President of the MTA, and are to be countersigned by the Head (Rector, Director General, Director) of the Hungarian Host Institution.


Terms and conditions

What we offer
1) A monthly salary of HUF 300.000 (approx. 1.000 EUR / month as in March 2013)
2) Accommodation and travel allowance of up to HUF 600.000



1) The host PI researcher will, in cooperation with the administration of the host institution, provide research facilities for the postdoctoral scientist to conduct research activities during his/her fellowship.
2) If needed, the host (research centre, institute, or in the case of research groups, the university) will also assist with immigration processing, securing lodgings and other matters related to the postdoctoral scientist’s stay in Hungary.
3) The postdoctoral guest scientist and his/her host PI researcher must submit a research report within two months after the completion of the fellowship.
4) When presenting or publishing the content or results of research conducted the host institution should be named as affiliation.
5) The name of the postdoctoral guest scientist, the host PI researcher and the institution, as well as the research report and the summary of the research report will be accessible to the public.
6) Postdoctoral scientists are expected to devote their stay in Hungary fully to research during their term of fellowship, and may not enter employment for more than a weekly 8 hours in Hungary whether with or without remuneration. However they are allowed to accept such research fellowship support that does not qualify for employment.
7) No applications shall be accepted, (or in the case of acceptance all supports have to be suspended) if the applicant produced wrong, false or non appropriate data or declarations that were suitable to influence the result of the decision of the application procedure; if
the applicant refused to produce, or withdrew necessary data, documents or declarations that are requested by the invitation;if the postdoctoral guest scientist does not follow the legal regulations described in his/her contract or those relevant to his/her employment.

Formal requirements of the application
The completed form sheet (Attachment 1) should be sent together with an accompanying letter (written both in English and Hungarian) to the President of the HungarianAcademy of Sciences. It should contain signature of the applicant, the host PI researcher, and the leader of the host institution. The accompanying letter of max. 1 page should summarise the work plan of the applicant. The form sheet and the accompanying letter should be both mailed and e-mailed (in one single pdf file).


Application procedure

1) The host PI researcher and the prospective postdoctoral scientist get in contact with each other;
2) They prepare together a research plan for 24 months in Hungary;
3) The prospective postdoctoral scientist sends the application formsheet filled in and signed by him/herself to the host PI researcher (an electronic version is acceptable);
4) The host PI researcher signs and submits the application (together with the accompanying letter in English and Hungarian) to the head of the host institution (to the director general of the MTA research centre, or to the director of the MTA research institute; or in the case of university research groups and Momentum /Lendulet/ groups to the rector of the university);
5) The host PI researcher submits the signed application and the accompanying letter to the President of MTA.



Applications are to be submitted to the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences until 31st May 201312 pm
1) in a pdf file to the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
2) hard copies are to be mailed or delivered personally to the MTA Titkarsag Kutatointezeti Foosztaly (1051 Budapest, Nador utca 7.)


Selection process

Screening is conducted by the selection committee appointed president of hungarianacademy sciences based on three criteria listed below:
i. The applicant (host PI researcher) and candidate (postdoctoral scientist) should have lined up a tangible research plan for joint research;
ii. Plausibility of some significant research results arising from the joint research envisaged;
iii. Previous scientific results of the applicant.
The committee shall evaluate the application on three ranking levels (supported fully, partly, or rejected). In the case of fully supported applications the sum of funding shall not exceed the amount announced in the call for applications. The final decision shall be taken by the President of the MTA.


Notification on selection results

The President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences sends notification about the acceptance or refusal of the proposal to the applying host institutes before 1st August 2013, and, at the same time, he sends a letter of invitation to the successful candidates (postdoctoral researchers), and its copy to the head of the host institute.
All further correspondence and negotiations are done directly between the host institutions and the guest scientists themselves.



In case of rejection due to formal insufficiencies applicants may respond once, supported by necessary documents within 3 workdays to the MTA Titkarsag Kutatointezeti Foosztaly. These remarks should be sent via e-mail (to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), including the registration number of the original application, indicating the specific passages of the rejection questioned. Within a further 3 workdays MTA Titkarsag shall evaluate the remarks, take a decision, and notify the applicant about it. Rejected applications are then to be discarded barring all legal claims. Successful projects will be funded according to a contract between the host institution and the MTA Titkarsag.



MTA Titkarsag, KutatointezetiFoosztaly (MTA Secretariat, Department of Research Institutes)

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , www.mta.hu


Budapest, 27March, 2013
Signed by Jozsef PALINKAS


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