HELECOS aims at promoting ecological research and communicating the approaches, methods and advances of the science of Ecology in Greece. Its members come from various sectors, primarily universities (academic staff and students), research institutes, environmental non-governmental organizations, consultant offices, and the wider public sector. The specific goals that the Society has set are the following:

  1. To promote the science of Ecology in Greece through targeted scientific and research activities that are either supported or undertaken by HELECOS itself,

  2. To disseminate scientific knowledge, primarily by organizing an ecological conference, every two years,

  3. To provide information on Ecology-related programmes of study in Greece, upcoming conferences, summer schools, seminars and also available scholarships as well as new job opportunities so as to help its members, particularly students and young researchers,

  4. To communicate the Society's views on important topics of environmental policy and legislation and on the management of the natural resources of the country.